Terms & Conditions

Terms and Condition

Although the purpose of our website is to offer services and sufficient product information, there are some guidelines that users must go by. All4export retains the right to occasionally modify the policies in order to maintain proper operation. Customers should familiarize themselves with the policies and processes related to the items. Users should adhere to the comprehensive and general information provided by All4export. The facilities or services offered to clients are not intended to be restricted or altered by these terms and conditions. Therefore, it is the customer's responsibility to double examine the terms and conditions before purchasing any goods or using any services.


Age Limit to Transact:

Customer must be at least 18 years old, or a major, in order to abide by the terms and conditions. It is believed that consumers who agree the terms are majors and older than 18 years of age. All4export has the right to seek compensation from the minor's parents in the event of damage or improper handling by the minor.

Placement of Order

By completing the customer information form on the Check Out page, an order can be placed. Consumers can email themselves their computer-generated order number after placing an order.

Buyer would receive related information via email regarding the payment and delivery of the merchandise.

After making a payment, if your order is rejected in any way, you can email us to let us know.


Payment Procedure

At All4export, our payment process is quite simple. For the purpose of processing payments made using credit cards, debit cards, net banking, and phone banking, we employ PayPal, Western Union, wire transfer, and other well-known payment gateways.


Before considering any kind of order, complete payment information is required.

Order processing will begin the following working day if the order is placed over the weekend or on a holiday.

Product Delivery

Following payment confirmation, we will begin shipping within the following 24 hours. Through our affiliated delivery partners, including FedEx, DHL, and India Post, we will deliver the product(s) as quickly as we can.

Orders should be picked up in person. Any authorized person should be available on the customer's behalf in the event of non-presence.


Changes to these terms and conditions

Customers are urged to carefully read the terms and conditions before submitting any order. As previously mentioned, All4export maintains the right to modify the terms and conditions governing the payment for, delivery of, and availability of the items.


Some Important Terms to Be Kept In Mind

Product-related complaints are only accepted if the item has not been opened or is otherwise harmed.

Customers have access to customer support services and can get in touch with them by mail.


We welcome email complaints in the event that a different product is delivered, and appropriate service is offered as a result.

If a product is shipped incorrectly or is different from the samples displayed on the websites, we will either return the goods or exchange it in accordance with the customer's request.

Within 15 days after receiving the product, replacement can be done in the event of an exchange or product mismatch.

In the event of any damage, a product exchange can only be considered through customer services within 15 days.


Customer refunds are given in the same manner as product payments. However, since a PayPal account is utilized to refund the money when paying back through PayPal, All4export is not liable for late payments.