Hydro Distillation Method

A variation of steam distillation is hydro distillation. The extraction of phytochemicals from plant matter is a typical procedure. Plant material is soaked in water for a while to prepare it for the hydro distillation extraction process. After the combination is heated, the volatile components are transported away in the steam, condensed, and separated.

One of the following two terms can be used to refer to hydro distillation: The substance to be extracted is submerged in water, which is subsequently heated by the Clevenger distillation process. Steam is passed through a bed of the substance to be extracted during steam distillation. Steam distillation is used in industries for the isolation of volatile oil, while hydro distillation with a Clevenger trap is used for the extraction of volatile oil (essential oil).

Steam distillation is occasionally replaced by hydro distillation. One of the most popular conventional ways of extraction is this process. In this procedure, water-soaked wood powder is passed through a hydro distiller by steam. a type of steam distillation in which the material is immersed in water for a while before being heated and the volatile components being carried away in the steam, condensed, and separated.