Many essential oils such as peppermint, lemon and orange are commonly used to flavor desserts, candies and chocolates.

Flavoring essential oils are usually made by literally extracting the flavor of the source ingredient into a liquid base, usually alcohol. For instance, pure vanilla extract is usually made by steeping vanilla beans in alcohol for an extended period of time.

These days, of course, a lot of those flavors and smells are made artificially, but still, there’s a reason that lemon has become so universally identified with freshness and cleanliness: Its oil is a powerful antibacterial, astringent, and antiseptic agent.

The amazing thing about essential oils: Each one is like getting eight medicines in one. So start wherever you want, but we guarantee that once you do, you’ll want more. That’s why essential oils are widely used in the food industry as a flavoring, antioxidant, ant-spoilage agent, and preservative in many products, such as candies, sweets, toffees, and beverages.

These essential oils offer a wide variety of health benefits. They don’t just smell good. They have the ability to make you feel really good too. You could actually just pick any one of these and start to incorporate it into your life in multiple ways. You can add basil, rosemary and thyme oil to your favorite pasta sauce. Mix in a drop of lemon oil into plain yogurt and top with fresh berries. Add two drops of peppermint oil to a chocolate protein shake or hot chocolate.

Today, people consume them topically, aromatically or as part of their diet. Specific oils target specific healthcare needs. For example, lemon essential oil is said to support a healthy circulatory system, and peppermint essential oil is said to support a healthy digestive system.