Botanical Name


Piper betle

Country of Origin





Soluble in alcohol and oils. Insoluble in water.

Specific Gravity


0.958 – 1.044 @ 20°C

Optical Rotation


(-) 1.5 To (-) 4

Refrective Index


1.500 To 1.5240

Plant Part



Blend With


Lavender, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Rosemary & Cardamom.




Flash Point


Not Applicable

Extraction Method


Steam Distillation

Description : 
Betel leaf (Piper betle L.) is a medicinal plant. The Betel Leaf plant is a twining vine part of the pepper family, whose leaves yield an aromatic essential oil. The cultivation of this creeper needs a lot of care and attention. The Betel Leaf plant grows widely over the entire area between South Arabia and Southeast China. In India, Betel Leaf has historically been chewed to sweeten the breath and preserve the teeth.

Constituents : 
Cadinene-1-2, Cadiniol-1-2, Decanal-2-3, Dodecanol-4-5, Eugenol-30-35, Isoeugenol-10-12, Geraniol-2-3, Linalool-1-2, Myrcene-2-3, Methyl Benzoate-2-3, Sabinene-5-7, Safrole-6-8, Alpha-Terpineol-2-3, Gamma-terpinene-1.5-2, Thujene-1-2, Ocimene-1-2. The minor components with 0.5-1% are Gamma-Elemene, Caryophyllene oxide, Terpinolene, Costol, Camphene, Hexadecanoic acid.

How to use : 
The oil is used as deodorant component. This is used in several tobacco & pan masala industries. Also added to perfumes and in betel flavour candies. This oil is used a as a stimulant, an antiseptic and a breath-freshener

Benefit :
 The betel leaf essential oil is valued in Ayurvedic medicine as a stimulant, carminative, aromatic, antiseptic and even as an aphrodisiac. The betel leaf essential oil helps to refresh breath, protects against germs, bacteria and other oral pathogens in the mouth. It prevents tooth decay.

Caution Note: 
No known toxicity. Avoid during pregnancy. However, be cautious of not consuming it with tobacco and other hazardous products.

All of the information and opinions that are provided on this web site are for informational and educational purposes only. This information is not intended to replace medical advice given by a medical practitioner. Anyone considering alternative therapies should consult with their medical professional before using an alternative method of healing. We do not give nor is any opinion on our web site medical advice.

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